Aldous Harding

— nz

  • Sunday, July 7th

1.30pm — 2.30pm

  • Exclusive concert!

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Aldous Harding

New Zealand Aldous Harding made her first appearance in 2014 with a self-titled debut album and immediately left a strong impression, proven by a number of good reviews. With second album ‘Party’, which appeared in 2017, Aldous Harding intrigued and enchanted once again. Involved in the recording process was John Parish, also known as the right hand of Pj Harvey, with whom Harding is often compared.

Aldous Harding herself describes her sound as ‘gothic folk’. Her songs sound dark at times, but her poetic and often humorous lyrics provide the necessary counterweight.

Harding got what it takes to go a long way in the music industry. At Cactusfestival you’re in the front row to behold this talented young woman.