Boy Azooga

— uk

  • Sunday, July 7th

12.10pm — 1pm

  • Exclusief concert!

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Boy Azooga

‘The song is about death, which is a bit serious, so I gave it a daft name.’ This quote about the song ‘Breakfast Epiphany’ gives you a perfect insight into the mind of Davey Newington. Boy Azooga’s music is very tongue-in-cheeck, filled with interesting themes and influences from just about every musical background imaginable. Those influences are all over the band’s debut record ‘1, 2, Kung Fu!’: The Beach Boys, Serge Gainsbourg, labelmates King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, William Onyeabor … Yet Boy Azooga manages to use them all to create a unique sound of their own. The album switches around between cinematic instrumentals and infinitely danceable rock songs, with a bouquet of other genres fit somewhere inbetween. The idea is to celebrate all kinds of music, as if making a mixtape for a loved one. Or the way NME puts it: ‘made to be played on festival stages this summer’. Perfect for Cactusfestival then!