Cat Power

— us

  • Saturday, July 6th

7.55pm — 9.05pm

  • Exclusive concert!

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Charlyn Marie Mashall, better known as Cat Power, has been making captivating lo-fi indie rock and folk for over 25 years. The American songstress started her career in a gospel choir in Atlanta and taught herself to play the guitar at a young age. She left school early to fully focus on her music career, and that turned out to be a good move. In 1998 she got her big break with the album ‘Moonpix’. Successors ‘You Are Free’ and ‘The Greatest’ were lavished with superlatives and five-star reviews as well. For the latter Cat Power received – as the first woman ever – the Shortlist Music Prize. ‘Wanderer’, her tenth album, which was released at the end of 2018, is again a record that shows the uncrowned queen of indie won’t be knocked off her throne easily. Cat Power has had her trials and tribulations along the years, including depressions and an alcohol addiction, but despite all that, she is still going strong. Indestructible!