Faces On Tv

— be

  • Friday, July 5th

6.30pm — 7.25pm

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    Faces On TV is hot! The band around Jasper Maekelberg, star producer of a.o. Bazart, Tsar B and Warhola, released one of the sexiest records of 2018 with ‘Night Funeral’. The album, including hits like ‘The Image Of Boy Wonder’ and ‘Dancing After All’, was praised by friend and foe and earned Maekelberg the status of the new wonder boy of Belgian music. Although he himself prefers to remain modest about it, it is undeniable: the producer-slash-sidekick has now become a full-fledged frontman. Live, the exotic pop songs, tribal rhythms and cinematic r&b of Faces On TV will lift you up to higher spirits, taking you on a seductive and sultry trip.