Reena Riot

— be

  • Saturday, July 6th

12.20pm — 1.10pm

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    © Foto: Jan Verstraeten

    When Reena Riot reached the final of Humo’s Rock Rally, she was seen as one of Flanders’ brightest talents. However, other people, mostly producers and managers, started dictating what Naomi Sijmons’ future should look like: what to wear, what to play … Luckily, Naomi was able to shake off the outside influences. Reena Riot became a band, and with complete creative control in their own hands, they recorded ‘Nix’. This debut album firmly flipped the bird at everyone who tried to make Naomi into the artist she never was. The live shows contain the same exciting ingredients as the record: raw honesty mixed with beautiful vulnerability. Roaring guitars evoke a dark atmosphere which suits Naomi’s ominous voice perfectly. The spirit of Tom Waits is never too far off.