Whispering Sons

— be

  • Saturday, July 6th

4.40pm — 5.40pm

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    © Foto: Tim Theo Deceuninck

    Three years after winning Humo’s Rock Rally, Whispering Sons flies at cruising speed. Late last year their long-awaited debut album ‘Image’ was released, including hit single ‘Alone’. It’s clear their jet-black mix of post-punk and new wave catches on, as all their upcoming shows this spring, including the one at Cactus, are sold out. Rightly so, because frontwoman Fenne Kuppens going berserk on stage, on the chilling synths and machine-rhythm section of her bandmates, gives you goosebumps right away. Fans of 80’s icons like Joy Division and The Cure, but also dreamy shoegaze like Slowdive and post-punk like The Soft Moon and Motorama better not miss out on this one!