Entrance: 10

Reservations | ticket sales:
Online via www.tinck.be
Tel: +32 (0)70 22 50 05
Fax: +32 (0)70 22 50 06

IN&UIT Brugge, Concertgebouw, 't Zand
8000 Bruges
(opened from Monday to Sunday from 10 am till 6 pm -
Thursdays from 10 am till 8 pm)

In the event of rain being forecast the 'KLINKERS INTIEM'-concerts will be held in the City Theatre.

The advance booking for the pay-at-the-gate concerts is limited by the seating capacity of the City Theatre. If the pay-at-the-gate concerts, as planned, are held in the Gruuthuse, there will be an extra 300 seats available. The tickets for those seats can only be bought at the box office of the Gruuthuse itself (opened from 7.30 pm onwards, on the day of the concert).

Locations: Click here.
Organisation: city of Bruges, Department Of Culture.
Programming and realisation: Cactus vzw Muziekcentrum.

BENENWERK: city of Bruges, Department Of Culture.
Programming and realisation: Stricto Tempo vzw, Cactus vzw Muziekcentrum and Cultuurcentrum Bruges, Festival Van Vlaanderen, Cafe de Vuurmolen. With the support of Ethias.

Cactus vzw Muziekcentrum
Sint Sebastiaanstraat 4, 8200 Bruges (St. Andries)
Tel: 050 33 20 14
Online: www.cactusmusic.be
Mail: info@klinkers-brugge.be | info@cactusmusic.be

Extra bicycle storage space will be provided. Toilets will be free of charge! All glass bottles will be prohibited at "De Burg".